6 new features coming to Finiac

The new metrics we're debuting could completely change your investing game.

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Dan Muse

January 3rd, 2023

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Blog | 6 new features coming to Finiac


What's on deck early in 2023:

  • New and improved correlation calculator

  • New risk-centric metrics

  • One-click portfolio import

  • Adjustable timeframes

Happy new year! Hope it’s treating you well so far. We’re back at it in Finiac HQ and ready to start sharing what we’re building.

We’ve talked to a bunch of you, done some wild what-if type R&D, and come up with major breakthroughs.

Here are the 6 biggest features we’ve got on deck:

New-and-improved Correlation Calculator

We debuted the calculator just over a month ago, and immediately it was among the most popular features on the site.

So we decided to soup it up. Coming soon:

  • Brand-new Risk Compression report so you can see the real risk reduction impact that diversification has on your portfolio (more on this very soon, you’re going to love it)

  • An easy way to share that report with friends and financial advisors

ETA: ~1 week

The next iteration of Finiac's Correlation Calculator.

The next iteration of Finiac's Correlation Calculator.

New metrics for better risk awareness

We’ve been hard at work identifying better ways to help you understand how much risk you’re taking on in your portfolio, so you can make smarter decisions when you need to adjust things.

We’ll be rolling out two new metrics on your Finiac dashboard that will help you to see exactly how much money you have at risk at any given moment, and also to help you better see how diversification contributes to reducing your risk in your portfolio.

ETA: ~1 month

New metrics coming to Finiac in 2023

New metrics coming to Finiac in 2023

One-click portfolio import

One of the most frustrating steps when you’re using a new tool is moving a huge amount of data from one system to another. You’re not a Middle Ages scribe. You shouldn’t need to do this line by line.

That’s why we’re rolling out a one-click portfolio import that works with basically every major brokerage:

Just a few of the brokerages that will work with Finiac

Just a few of the brokerages that will work with Finiac

The idea is to let you sync your actual, real-world brokerage account with your Finiac dashboard once, then never need to think about it again. As you buy and sell, we’ll keep your dashboard up to date, so you can always get an updated look at your risk at any moment.

ETA: ~2 months

Adjustable timeframes

We built Finiac to use one year of market data to calculate metrics—that goes for any asset or portfolio in the app.

But that’s not a perfect fit for everyone. Maybe you’re a short-term trader and want to focus on a tighter time frame. Maybe you’re HODLing and really want to take the long view.

So we’re going to leave it up to you. The default will remain set at 1 year, but you’ll be able to adjust that up or down to suit your needs.

ETA: ~3 months

All-portfolio dashboard

So far, we’ve been focusing on one portfolio at a time. But a lot of you have told us that you use different portfolios for different things, and you want a global view of your risk status.

So we’re creating a dashboard that’ll show you your risk stats across your entire set of portfolios.

The single-portfolio view isn’t going anywhere, but now you’ll be able to tell how much risk you’re taking on as a whole.

ETA: ~3 months

Invite Anyone to Collaborate

Investing is often a team sport, and it should be easy to have productive conversations about your strategy with your advisor, your spouse, or whoever you want.

So we’re building a quick-and-easy way to invite anyone to collaborate on your Finiac portfolio.

With this feature, we’re aiming to help you have better, more productive conversations about your money.

ETA: ~3 months

Discovery engine

This is a big one. We realized that, because low-correlation portfolios are more risk-efficient, we needed to give you a quick, easy way to discover new assets with minimal correlation to your current portfolio.

It’s going to reshape the way you research and screen potential investments. It’s not quite ready for a peek yet, but we’re absolutely pumped to debut it very soon.

ETA: ~3 months

Can't wait to ship these for you. Back to you soon!

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